Conrad Rizal, PhD, MIEEE


SEED NanoTech & Consulting 

Ultra High Vacuum Systems,

Canada & South America 


MITACS Elevate PD Research Scholar

York University, Ontario, Canada


GEM Systems Inc. 

135 Spy Court,

Markham, ON, Canada

Tel: +1-647-570-4039;

E-mail: conrad(DOT)[email protected](DOT)ca;


Professional Profile

Experienced and accomplished researcher and educator in the areas of nano-magnetism, nano-electronics, nano-photonics, nano-plasmonics and allied applied science and engineering elds. Re-search interests lie in the design, fabrication, and characterization, and theory and data tting of new nano-structures for sensing, switching, and photovoltaic applications.

Interested in addressing applications such as in-vitro diagnostics, DNA sequencing, point-of-care testing, cancer detection and stimulation, and healthcare monitoring, using smart nanomagnetic devices. The strategy is to leverage the advantages of new ferromagnetic/magneto-optic nanomaterials, nanofabrication methods, and magnetic and optical stimuli techniques (e.g., pump-probe analysis) to improve the performance of existing technologies and design new smart devices, that can address various challenges of biomedical engineering.

Research accomplishments include: (i) Wrote four research proposals that successfully attracted funding from Canadian, Japanese, and Nepalese governments, and universities and academic departments in the form of fellowships, awards, and grants, (ii) Published numerous research articles in peer-reviewed applied physics, nanotechnology, engineering and biomedical journals, and delivered invited lectures at universities and conferences, and (iii) Received numerous professional recognitions in the form of academic and research award, faculty of applied science award, and other recognitions for my volunteer work to enhance the undergraduate educational experience

Research Interests and Summary

Nano-photonics / Nano-plasmonics

  • Design and fabrication of high speed optical modulators.
  • Design and fabrication of integrated digital optical switches of improved performance based on multimode interference with built in resonators and phase shifters.
  • Design and fabrication of thermal sensor based on Mach-zehnder Interferometer.
  • Design, fabrication, and characterization of bio-optical sensors using optical waveguids and meta-materials.

Nano-magnetics / Spintronics

  • Magnetic memory based on nano-pillars: a) Current switching and b) Spin dynamics of dynamic coupling between the ferromagnetic layers.
  • Magnetotransport properties of the magnetic nano-pillars.

Nano-Bio-mangetism / Nano-imaging

Significant advances in the growth, measurement, and characterization methods in the field of nano-engineering have made magnetic hybrid (ferromagnetic and non-magnetic) nanostructures increasingly important for the development of giant magnetoresistance sensors and high magnetic-moment biocompatible nanoparticles for use in the future magnetic technology. Recently, magnetic multilayers, alloys, and nanoparticles based on 3-d transition metals, their alloys, and multilayer stacks have been considered very significant in the development of state-of-the-art magnetic technology for use in the electronics and biomedical sectors.

Education Profile


  • Giant Magnetoresistance and Magnetic Anisotropy Properties of Cobalt-based Hybrid Nanostructures.PhD Thesis. UBC Faculty of Applied Science, British Columbia, Canada. April 2012. 131 pages.
  • Magnetotransport Properties of Co/Au Multilayers Produced Using Pulsed-current Deposition.
    MSc Thesis. MIT Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Hokkaido, Japan. March 2001. 90 pages.
  • Design and Construction of a Control Panel for a 150 kVA Testing Transformer.
    BSc Thesis. BUET Electronic Engineering, Dhaka, Bangladesh. October 1993. 60 pages.

 Graduate Courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Bio-photonics 571 T
  • Laser and Applications 571 C
  • Nanofab (Nanophotonics Fabrication) 571 U
  • Nano-electronics (Semiconductor Theory and Applications) 576
  • Law and Ethics for Engineers ENGR 413
  • English Writing Course WRIT 099
  • Scientific Writing Course AW 109
  • Instructional Skills INDS 501
  • PhD Research 699
  • dvanced Electronic Properties of Materials (501)
  • dvanced Optical Physics Engineering (536)
  • Advanced Electronic and Optical Devices (527)
  • Advanced Solid State and Surface Technology (523)
  • Special Lectures on Electrical and Electronic Engineering (512)
  • Advanced Technical English (501)
  • Advanced Human Science (471)
  • Japanese Affairs A (401)
  • Japanese Affairs B (402)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Seminar (562)
  • Advanced Material Science (573)
  • Advanced Research Work (600)

Under-graduate Courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Integrated Circuits and Industrial Electronics (EE 407)
  • Science of Materials (EE 411)
  • Electronics (EE 208, 301, 302 & 418)
  • Physics (Phys 101 & 102)
  • Chemistry (Chem 101 & 102)
  • Advanced Mathematics (Math 105, 205 & 309)
  • Computer and Digital Techniques (EE 101, 10; CSE 301, 302)
  • Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics (ME 207)
  • Mechanics of Materials (CE 225 & 226)
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (EE 309)
  • Project and Thesis (EE 400)
  • Accounting (203 I)
  • Industrial Management (203 II)
  • Measurement and Instrumentation (307, 308)
  • Control Systems (401, 402)
  • Advanced Physics (Physics 100 and 101)
  • Advanced Chemistry (Chemistry 100 and 101)
  • Mathematics (Math 101 and 102)
  • English Literature (English 100 and 101) 

Non-degree Courses 

  • Law and Ethics for Engineers (ENGR 413)
  • English Writing Course (WRIT 099)
  • Scientific Writing Course (AW 109)
  • Instructional Skills (INDS 501)


Teaching and Training Experience

Position: Teaching Asistant and Laboratory Instructor 

MIT Electronic Engineering, Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan (1999 - 2001)

  • Lectured, and supervised research works 4 graduate students.
  • Trained graduate students in instrumental techniques.

UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2007)

Teaching Assistant:

  • Mentored 3rd year undergraduate electronic materials course (EECE 352): 52 hours per term for 70 - 80 students/term
  • Hold twice a week, 2 hours each, office hours with the students to guide them.
  • Attended weekly meeting with the course instructor and teaching assistants.
  • Graded quizzes, home assignments, final exams, and laboratory reports of 80 students.
  • Worked as an invigilator during final exams and helped to improve student's grades.

UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2007 - 2010)

  • Supervised laboratory tutorials for the 3rd electronic circuit course (EECE 356), 65 hours per term for 90 -100 students/term.
  • Organized lectures and designed pre-lab demos to illustrate course concepts.
  • Hold twice a week office hours, 2 hours each, to advise students.
  • Helped to improve student's grade in mid-term, final exams, and laboratory reports.

 MIT Electronic Engineering, Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan (1999 - 2001)

  • Lectured, supervised and prepared laboratory research works for undergraduate final year students in thin films, and assisted supervisor in writing exams/courses.
  • Taught material synthesis and modern instrumental analysis techniques to senior physics/chemistry majors. Techniques covered included flame emission and atomic absorption spectrometry and energy dispersive X-ray analyser for determining exact compositions of the deposited films.

Research and Training 

Visiting Research Scientist, Baylor University with Howard H. H. Lee (06/2016- 09/2015)

Mastered nano-fabricaiton, computer controlled experiments, computer simulations and engineering design of electronic and optical devices. Worked towards developing highly sensitive magneto-optic sensors. 

Post-doctoral Research Scholar - Employee, UC San Diego, CA, USA, with Eric E. Fullerton and Zhaowei Liu (2014 - 2015)

Led four research projects on magnetic alloys and nano-particles, magnetic multilayers, microstructure and data tting, and magneto-optic nano-structures, and investigated electrical, magnetic, structure and magneto-optical properties.

  • Maintained and developed excellence in methods through participation in inter laboratory exchange exercises, analysis of standards, statistical interpretation of data and calibration of methods
  • Developed specialist skills and expertise within a unique area of materials science
  • Operated state-of-the-art equipment and worked safely with hazardous materials 
  • Developed structure-property relationships and tted data using software
  • Published the work in the Journal of Nano- and Electron Physics (Available online).
  • Designed and fabricated (Ta/Ti)/Co/Au multilayers using e-beam evaporation and rf-
  • Induced in-plane magnetic anisotropies using oblique angle and magnetic annealing and investigated magnetic properties using VSM and torque meter
  • Using 4-point probe, investigated MR e ects in ferromagnetic multilayers
  • Published the results in the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
  • Induced perpendicular-to-plane magnetic anisotropies, and investigated the magnetic properties using p-MOKE, Optical Microscopy, and VSM
  • Investigated micro-structure using XRR and XRD and tted data using software.
  • Designed magneto-optic (Ta/Ti)/Au/Co/Au trilayers using the software, and fabricated (Ta/Ti)/Au/Co/Au structure using e-beam evaporation and rf-Sputtering and investigated magnetic properties using Optical Microscopy / VSM
  • Assisted in preparing scientific reports, delivered lectures at the UCSD PDA research seminars & CMRR research reviews, and presented the work in the 2015 Material Research Society Conference in SF, California, to be submitted in AIP Advances in Physics journal.

University of Victoria, Department of Physics, Victoria, Canada (August 2012-Present)
Position: Research Associate (Advisor Dr. B. C. Choi)

  • Design and testing of magnetic and spintronic devices based on spin transfer torque and giant magnetoresistance.

UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (September  2006- December 2010)
Position: Research Assistant (Advisors Drs N. A. F. Jaeger, L. Chrowstowski, and K. Walus)

  • Specialized in design, modeling, synthesis, characterization, and fabrication of metallic and semiconductor structure and research.
  • Specialised in the modelling of transport properties of a quantum transistor.
  • Specialized in the development of optical modulators, switches, and sensors.
  • Designed and modeled of integrated electro-refraction modulator using InGaAs/InAlAs coupled quantum well structures.
  • Designed and modelled Mach-zehnder interferometer (MZI) based thermal sensors in silicon on insulator (SOI) technology and successfully tested their performances.
  • Designed and modelled multimode interferometers (MMIs) based high speed integrated digital optical witches on SOI technology and tested their performances.
  • Designed and modeled evanescent based biosensors in SOI technology.

UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2009 - 2011)
Position: Research Assistant (Advisor Dr. N.A.F. Jaeger)

  • Successfully handled several projects on experimental design, modelling, fabrication, measurement and characterization, data analysis, and reporting.
  • Synthesized magnetic multilayer and alloys using pulsed-current deposition and oblique angle e-beam evaporation.
  • Conducted theoretical studies and prepared theoretical models to explain high-magnetic moment in FeCo nanostructures.
  • Published research findings in top international journals (6-peer reviewed journal articles and over 20 conference proceedings).

MIT Electronic Engineering, Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan (2002 - 2004)
Position: Research Assistant

  • Pioneered in the experimental research spin-dependent conductivity and anisotropy of 3-d transition metals, their multilayers and alloys, and nanoparticles
  • Successfully handled several projects on experimental design, modelling, fabrication, measurement and characterization, data analysis, and reporting.
  • Wrote laboratory manuals and for deposition and characterization of thin films.
  • Developed computer programs for pulse generation circuits (0.1 ms - 1000 ms).
  • Fabricated magnetic multilayer and alloys using pulsed-current deposition and e-beam evaporation, and published research findings in top international journals.
  • Investigated the difference between magnetotransport properties between randomly oriented and uniaxially oriented Co/Au, Cu multilayer films.
  • Developed experimental setup for magnetic induction measurement.
  • Developed spin models to explain experimental results.


Industrial Experience

Morang Auto Works (MAW), Kathmandu, Nepal (1997 - 1998)

Position: Service Engineer

  • Joined 3-member engineering team of MAW, one of the main authorized dealers of Crompton-Greaves' alternators in Nepal, a medium sized private organization with over 200 staffs and fifty branch offices located all over Nepal and established a full-fledged workshops.

Venus Electrical Trading and Const. Est (VET&CE), Doha, Qatar (1996 - 1997)
Position: Electrical Engineer

  • Joined a 4-member engineering team of VET&CE, one of the medium sized private organizations with 100-200 trade persons, in Doha, Qatar and delivered projects on time.
  • Wrote bi-monthly progress reports and made necessary recommendations.

Nepal Telecom Corp. (NTC), Kathmandu, Nepal (1995 - 1996)
Position: Electrical Engineer

  • Joined a 10-member engineering team of Power and Air-conditioning Division of Nepal Telecom Corporation, one of the largest public companies in Nepal with over 10,000 staffs and planned, implemented, and maintained power equipment.

UMN, Development and Consulting Services, Lumbini, Nepal (1994 -1995)
Position: Research Engineer

  • Joined a 4-person engineering team of DCS, United Mission to Nepal (UMN), one of the largest non-profit organizations in Nepal with over 5000 staffs and designed and assembled current cut-out device and prototype calibration tool, and successfully tested on site.

Industrial / Academic and Computer Training

  • Project Management Training, Development and Consulting Services, United Mission to Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Telecom Training, Nepal Telecom Corporation, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • AutoCad Training, Computer System Inc., Doha, Qatar.
  • College Class-room Teaching Training - Active Student-centered Approach, UC San Diego, USA.

Text Books Studied 



Name of the book




Fundamental of Photonics

Saleh & Teich



Introduction to Solid State Physics

C. Kittel



Surface Analysis with STM and AFM

S. N. Magovov



Introduction to Magnetic Materials

B.D. Cullity and C. D. Graham



Introduction to Biophotonics

C. Prasad



Ultra-thin magnetic structures I & II

J. J. Burphy



Elements of X-ray diffraction

B.D. Cullity



Integrated ring resonators

D.G. Rabus




A. Yariv



Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

J.M.D Coey



Physics of Magnetism/Ferromagnetism




Elecronic Devices and Circuits

Milman & Halkias

 McGraw-Hill Electrical / Electronic Engineering Series


Awards / Fellowships

Type of Award Details

Canada Government’s NSERC Postdoc Fellowship (2013-2015)

Received in recognition of research excellence. $40000/yr supplement for 2 years. Ranked within 10 % of the selected fellowship holders among 2000 postdoc applicants.

Canada Government’s NSERC Industrial R&D Fellowship (2012-2014)

Received in recognition of research excellence. $30000/yr supplement for 2 years. Ranked within 10 % of the selected fellowship holders among 2000 postdoc applicants.

Canada Government’s NSERC PGS-D3 Fellowship (2007-2010)

Received in recognition of leadership, communication, and research excellence. Ranked 3rd among 65 eligible candidates out of 150 PhD students. $21000/yr for 3 years.

UBC Faculty of Applied Science Graduate Award (2008 -2010)

Received in recognition of leadership and academic excellence during PhD study. $6000/yr for 2 years.

UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies Fellowship (2006 –2010)

Received in recognition of academic excellence. 3996/yr for 4 consecutive years.

Japan Government's Monbukagakusho PGS-M Award (1998 – 2001)

Received in recognition of academic excellence. $35000/yr for 2.5 years

Nepal Government's Undergraduate Fellowship (1988 - 1993)

Nationwide competition to study BSc Eng. in Bangladesh. Ranked 3rd among 12 candidates out of 120 students. Received in recognition of academic excellence. $1200/yr for 5 years.

Institutional Award, Amrit Science Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal. (1986-1988)

Tuition waiver for two consecutive years. Considered meritorious student during secondary and post-secondary schools.

Honors and Awards

Relevant Skills and Expertise

Scientific Expertise

Strong data fitting and data analysis techniques using python and statistical analysis

Strong expertise on synthesis and characterization of magnetic thin films, alloys, and nano-particles.

Strong experience on nanofabrication, devices for nanotechnology, bio-medical engineering, and nanomaterial.

Expertise on operating scientific equipment and devices such as X-ray diffractometer; X-ray absorption spectroscopy meter, pulsed-current deposition techniques, scanning electron microscopy; atomic force microscopy; energy dispersive X-ray analyzer, experimental physics, electro-optics, and silicon  nano-photonics, etc.

Computer Skills

Strong skills of simulation tools such as, 3D FDTD®, RSoft®, BeamProp®, DW 2000®, Sonnet®, Design CAD®, Matlab®, and Comsol®, Labview®, etc.

Excellent skills of design tools such as, DW 2000®, Design CAD®, etc., and statistical data analysis tools such as KyPlot® and R®.,

Strong knowledge of windows applications and programming languages, e.g., Fortran 77, etc.

Instructional Skills

Completed 3-day training on instructional skills organised by the UBC Continuing Studies.

Language Skills






Full professional proficiency

Professional working proficiency

Limited working proficiency

Professional working proficiency

Native or bilingual proficiency

Licensing and Certifications

Membership Type


Member since June 2011

International Society of Information Science and Technology (IACSIT), Singapore.

Member since June 2011

American Nano Society (ANS), 411 Walnut Street Florida, USA.

Member since January 1999

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Piscataway, NJ, USA, (1999 - 2011). Student member (1999 - 2001) and (2007- 2011) for 8 yrs.

Member and CEng, since June 1999

The Institute of Engineering and Technology, UK, (2006 - 2012). Associate Member in 1999, Member in 2003, and Chartered Electrical Engineer.

Certified Bulb Expert:

Philips Lighting Company, Ontario, Canada

Eligible for Professional Membership,

Professional Engineers' of Ontario (PEO), Toronto, ON, Canada, (2006 - 2012). Satisfied academic requirements in 2006 and passed the professional practice examination (PPE), a 3-hour closed book exam on engineering law and ethics, in 2008.

Student Member

The Institute of Electronic Engineers of Japan, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

Life Member

Society of Electrical Engineers of Nepal (SEEN), Kathmandu, Nepal.

Member since 1998

Nepal Engineer’s Association (NEA), professional engineers association, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Electrical Engineer, Class C (1996-1997)

Ministry of Electricity and Water, Government of Qatar, Doha, Qatar.

Community Involvement

Reviwer: European Journal of Physics Plus (2016) 

Scientific Committee Member, 2016 International Conference on Nanomaterials, Nanodevices, fabrication and characterization (ICNNFC'16), April 1 - 2, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic.

Japan-Egypt Conference on Electronics, Kyushu University, Japan (2012)
Position: Invited member of the international steering committee

Open Access Scientific and Publishing Journals, USA (2011 - Present)
Position: Reviewer 

IEEE Magnetic Society, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA (2011 - 2012)
Position:  Reviewer

UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering-Graduate Students' Association (ECE-GSA),Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2008 - 2009)
Position: President  

UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering-Graduate Students' Association (ECE-GSA),Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2008 - 2009)
Position: Executive Secretary

UBC Rising Star Tour, organised by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS),
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2008-2009
Position: Volunteer of the Rising Star Tour

UBC Student Leadership Conference, Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2008
Position: Volunteer 

Nepalese Students’ Associate of Japan (NESAJ)
Hokkaido, Japan (2001-2002)
Position: Executive Secretary

International Students Association of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh ((1999-1991).
Position: Public Relation Secretary. 

Selected Publications Since Joining UC San Deigo


C. Rizal et al. Bio-magnetoplasmonic, Emgerging Technologies, and Beyond, Journal of Nanomedicine Research (JMMR), 4 pages, 03/28/2016 (Accepted)

C. Rizal and E.E. Fullerton. Magnetic and microstructure properties of Ta/[Co (tCo)/Au (tAu)]20 multilayers prepared using rf-Sputtering method. 15-pages regular article, IOP Publishing(In preparation). (01/2016). 

C. Rizal, B. Niraula, and B. Moa. Ferromagnetic Multilayers: Magnetoresistance, Magnetism and Beyound (Review), Magnetochemistry — an Open Access Molecular Magnetism & Magnetic Materials Journal, 31 Journal pages. Accepted. (03/27/2016).

C. Rizal and E. E. Fullerton, Magnetic, microstructure, and magneto-plasmonic properties of Ta/Ti/Au/Co/Au trilayers, 20-pages regular article, IOP publishing (In preparation). (01/2016)

B. B. Niraula and C. Rizal, Study of factors affecting Photoluminescence property of Eu3+ doped CaSiO3 nano phosphor with controlled grain size: Fabrication and Characterization, Acta Materialia, pp. 1 - 25 pages. (A regular article submitted), (01/2016). 

C. Rizal , Editing a 15-Chapter, 300-page, a multi-author contributed book on Magnetic Multilayers and Alloys: Fundamental and Applications. 2016 Springer's Materials Science Series.(On-going). (2016). 

C. Rizal and B. Niraula, Design and Characterization of a compact Mach-zehnder interferometer with a novel design of directional couplers and a phase shifter in Silicon on Insulator Technology, IEEE Photonics Conference, 29th Annual Conference of the IEEE Photonics Society4 pages, (In preparation). (10/2016). 

C. Rizal and B. Niraula, R. Pokharel, Design of a novel integrated digital optical switch of improved performance based on multimode interference with built in resonators and phase shifters in Silicon on Insulator Technology, 4 pages, (In preparation). IEEE Photonics Conference, 29th Annual Conference of the IEEE Photonics Society, 10/2016. 

C. Rizal, J. Wingert, and E. E. Fullerton, Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and microstructure properties of Ta/Ti/Co/Au multilayers. A contributed paper, AIP Phyiscs, (Abstract: DE-01, presented at the 2016 Joint MMM-Intermag Conference, San Diego, January 13, 2016).

Selected Publications 2015 and Prior (CMRR, UCSD and UVic Chemistry)

C. Rizal and E. Fullerton. Magnetic, microstructure, and magnetoplasmonics properties of Ti/Au/Co/Au trilayers. Digest, 2015 MRS Spring Research Review, San Francisco, USA). (April 08, 2015).

C. Rizal, Z. Liu, and E. Fullerton. Magnetoplasmonic properties of ferromagnetic Ti/Au/Co/Au trilayers. 2nd Research Symposium, UCSD Postdoc Accociation, San Diego, CA, USA. (September, 2014).

C. Rizal, B. Moa, J. Wingert, and O. Shpyrko, Magnetic anisotropy and magnetoresistance properties of Co/Au multilayers prepared using oblique angle deposition. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. A 6-pages regular article. (August 6, 2014.

C. Rizal and A.G. Brolo. Re-visited Works on Magnetoplasmonics. Institute for Computing, Information, and Cognitive Systems's (ICICS) 3rd Biomedical Engineering Workshop, Vancouver, BC, Canada. January 31, 2014.

C. Rizal, A Review of Ferromagnetic nanostructures: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applicationss (An invited review article). 2014 SURF-FIN Manufacturing and Technology Tradeshow Conference, Cleaveland Convention Center, Ohio, USA. June 9-11, 2014. 2014 NASF SURF/FIN Conference. Reprint PDF

C. Rizal , B. Moa, and A. G. Brolo, Recent advances in magnetic multilayer-based magnetoplasmonic sensors for potential biomedical applications (January 27, 2014)).37th Candian Medical and Biological Engineering Society Conference Series, Vancouver, BC, Canada. May 20-23, 2014. Reprint PDF

Selected Publications Since Joining UVic Physics

Magnetoplasmonics properties of Co/Au/Glass nanostructures, 58th Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Denver, Colorado, USA, Nov 4-8, 2013.

Magnetic properties of nanostructred Fe-Co alloys, Journal of Applied Physics (American Institute of Physics). 113, 113905 (2013).

Magnetotransport properties of anisotropic Co/Au multilayers prepared using e-beam evaporation. Canadian Journal of Physics (under review).

h-index://research citations/~crizal/

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications Since Joining UBC

Magnetic Properties of Fe/Cu Multilayers, Journal of Nano and Electronic Physics, Volume 4, Year 2012, No. 1. Available online since March 2012 (C. Rizal et al.).

"Strain-induced magnetoresistance and magnetic anisotropy properties of Co/Cu multilayers." Journal of Applied Physics.  American Institute of Physics, April 2012. vol.111 (7), 3 pages. (Co-authors: Gyawali, P., Kshattry, I., and Pokharel, R.K.).

"Effects of Annealing on Magnetization and Nanostructures of Cobalt-Gold," International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering 4th (ICCEE 2011), 5 pages. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. DOI:10.1115/1.859841.paper 67. (C. Rizal). 

  "Magnetotransport properties of Co-Au granular alloy films." International Journal of Applied Physics and Mathematics (IJAPM). Singapore: IACSIT Press, November 2011. Vol.1 (3):161-166, 6 pages. (Co-authors: Ueda, Y. and Pokharel, R. K.). Aavailable on :

"Magnetoresistance and magnetic properties of Co(tCo)/Cu multilayer films”, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. NJ, June 2010, 4 pages. 46: 2394-2396. (C. Rizal)

"Magnetoresistance and magnetic anisotropy properties of strain-induced Co(tCo)/Ag multilayers." IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Piscataway, NJ, June 2009. vol. 45: 2399-2402 (Co-author: Ueda, Y.)

"Study of magnetic anisotropy and magnetoresistance effects in ferromagnetic Co/Au multilayer films prepared by e-beam evaporation." Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM). Elsevier BV, May 2007. vol. 310: e646-e648.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications Prior to Joining UBC

"Magnetoresistance effect and magneto-anisotropy of Co/Cu multilayered films prepared by electron beam evaporation." Physica Status Solidi C. May 2004. vol. :1752-1755 (Co-authors: Ueda, Y., Adachi, H., Takakura W., and Chikazawa, S.)

"Magnetic properties and magnetoresistance effect in Co/Au, Ag nano-structure films produced by pulsed-current deposition." Physica Status Solidi C. May 2004. 1: 1756-1759 (Co-authors: Yamada, A., Hori, Y., Ishida, S., Matsuda, M.)

"Pulse electrodeposition of Co/Au multilayers and granular alloys." Jap. Journal of Applied Surface Finishing. Tokyo, January 2003, 2. 55: 83-84 (Co-authors: Yamada, A  and Ueda, Y.)

"Electrical and magnetic properties of Ni-Co-Cu compositionally modulated films produced using pulsed-current deposition." Japanese Journal of Applied Surface Finishing. Tokyo: The Surface Finishing Society of Japan, January 2002, 2 pages. 55: 151-152 (Co-authors: Yamada, A., and Ueda, Y.)

"Electric and magnetic properties of Fe-Ni based particles and multilayer." Japanese Journal of Institute of Metals. Tokyo, July 2002, 66:869-872. (Co-authors: Yamada A. and Houga, T.)

Selected Conference Proceedings and Presentations

"Controllling physical properties of Fe-Co nanostructures using pulsed-current deposition for potential biomedical applications, 2013 Sur/Fin Conference, Donald E. Stephen Convention Center, Chicago, USA (Invited).

"High saturation magnetic moment FeCo nanostructures." 9th International Conference on Scientific and Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers, Minneapolis, MN, USA. May 2012, 2 pages.

"Microstructure and magnetic properties of FeCo nanostructure." IEEE International Conference on Magnetics. Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 2012, 2 pages.

"Effect of strain on magnetoresistance and magnetic properties of Co/Ag nanostructures."Proceedings of the IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conferences. IEEE, October 2011, 5 pages. (Co-authors: R.K. Pokharel, Y. Ueda, and I. Kshattary, P. Gyawali)

"Effect of annealing on magnetoresistance properties of Co/Au nanostructures." Digest, Soft Magnetic Materials (SMM-20), Kos, Greece. October 2011, 1 page.

"Effect of current density on magnetoresistance, magnetization and microstructure of Co-Au alloy." Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications. Ottawa, January 2011, 7 pages. vol. 3: 291:1-291:7.

"Magnetotransport properties of Co/Au nanostructures." 6th Nordic Magnetic Conference. Pori, Finland, October 2011, 1 page. Available online at:

"Magnetoresistance and magnetic properties of Co/Au, Cu nanostructures." Digest, European Congress on Advanced Materials (EUROMAT-2011). Montpellier, France, September 2011, 1 page.

"Magnetoresistance and magnetic anisotropy of Co(tCo)/Cu, Ag nanostructures."International conference on magnetic recording heads and systems. Minneapolis, USA, August 2011. (Co-authors: Karki, B. R.)

"Effect of annealing on the magnetic characteristics of the nanostructure of Co-Au."Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering. Singapore, October 2011, vol. 4, pp.415-419

"Magnetoresistance and magnetic properties of Co(tCo)/Cu multilayer films." Digest, 11th Joint MMM-Intermag Conference,. 2010, pp. 909 . Washington, DC.

"Magnetoresistance and magnetic properties of strain induced Co/Cu multilayers." Digest,International Nanoelectronic Conference (INEC-2010). Hong Kong, March 2010, 3:927-928.

"Magnetoresistance and magnetic anisotropy of strain induced Co(tCo)/Ag multilayers." Digest, Asian Magnetic Conference. Busan, Korea, Aug. 2008, 1 page.

"Magnetic anisotropy of Co/Au multilayers prepared by e-beam evaporation." International Conference on Magnetism (ICM). Kyoto, Japan, Aug 2006, 1 page.

"Magnetoresistance of composition modulated Ni-Co-Cu films." International Meeting on Applied Physics. Spain, September 2003, vol. 1, pp. 678-679. (Co-author:Yamada, A.)

"Magnetoresistance effect of compositional modulated Fe-Cu-Ni films." Digest, 17th International Conference on Magnetic Films and Surfaces (ICFMS-2002). Kyoto, Japan, March 2002, pp. 327-328. (Co-authors: Yamada A., Houga, T., Chikazawa, S., and Ueda, Y)

"Electric and magnetic properties of Co/Cu nanostructures." Digest, IEEE Electrochemical Society. Sapporo, Japan, January 2001, 1 page.

Posters and Talks at Canadian Domestic Conference

June 21, 2013

2013 BC Young Electrochemist Symposium, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Dec 08, 2012

The 17th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Center for Advanced Materials (PCAMM), 4D Labs, Simon Fraser University, Barnaby, BC, Canada.

Dec 10, 2011

The 16th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Center for Advanced Materials (PCAMM) University of Victoria, Engineering/Computer Science Building.

Dec 10, 2010

15th Pacific Center for Advanced Materials and Microstructures (PCAMM) Annual Meeting." Design and characterization of a compact optical device based on Mach-zehnder interferometer in silicon on insulator technology. C. Rizal, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Aug 15, 2010

Canadian Semiconductor Science and Technology Conference (CSSTC), “Low phase noise 1GHz digitally controlled quadrature ring oscillator in 0.18 μm CMOS technology.” Pokharel, R.K.*, Nuguroho, P., Kanaya, H., Yoshida, K., University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Dec 12, 2009

14th Pacific Center for Advanced Materials and Microstructures (PCAMM) Annual Meeting. Magnetotransport properties of Co-Au alloys, C. Rizal, Simon Fraser University, Barnaby, BC, Canada.

Sep 9, 2008

Talks on magnetotransport properties of ferromagnetic nanostructures, C. Rizal, 4D labs, Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University, Barnaby, BC, Canada

June 10, 2008

Weekly research seminar organised by the UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate student association (ECE-GSA), Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Posters and Talks at Japanese Domestic Conference

Sep 17, 2003

Hokkaido University Research Seminar. “Evolution of hard disk drives and giant magnetoresistance read head sensors.” C. Rizal and Y. Ueda. Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

March 20, 2003

Embassy of United Kingdom. “Role of renewable energy in the development of least developing countries (Invited).” C. Rizal. Tokyo, Japan.

March 21, 2002

Magnetoresistance effect of compositional modulated Fe-Cu-Ni films. “International Conference on Magnetic Films and Surface,”.  C. Rizal. Kyoto, Japan

Dec 10, 2001

Institutional Seminar, Electron System Laboratory, Muroran Institute of Technology. “Structural, magnetic, and magnetotransport properties of melt-spun Fe10Cu90”. C. Rizal, Hokkaido, Japan (2001).

Sep 15, 2002

Hokkaido University Research Seminar. “Electric and magnetic properties of Co/Cu multilayer electro-deposited by computer controlled pulse current method,”. C. Rizal,  Sapporo, Japan.

Sep 15, 2002

Hokkaido University Research Seminar. “Magnetic properties and resistance of Co/Cu multilayer films electrodeposited by computer controlled pulsed-current method.” Sapporo, Japan.


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