1. Text book on Active Plasmonics, Wiley Publication (2013). 
  2. Hard Drives! As the Disk Turns by Gordon Hughes, 2007. Thanks goes to CMRR Library!
  3. Introduction to Magnetic Materials by J.M.D. Coey (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland).
  4. The world as I see it, Albert Einstein.
  5. Advance Magnetic Nanostructures, edited by David Sellmyer and Ralh Skomski (University of Nebraska, USA)
  6. Modern Magneto-optics, by A. K. Zvezdin.

Textbooks Mastered


S.N. Name of the book Author
1 Active Plasmonics XX XX XX
1 Fundamental of Photonics Saleh & Teich
2 Introduction to Solid State Physics C. Kittel
3 Surface Analysis with STM and AFM S. N. Magovov
4 Introduction to Magnetic Materials B.D. Cullity and C.D. Grahm
5 Introduction to Biophotonics C. Prasad
6 Ultra-thin Magnetic Structures I & II J. J. Burphy
7 Elements of X-ray Diffraction B. D. Cullity
8 Integrated Ring Resonators D. G. Rabus
9 Photonics 6th Ed. A. Yariv
10 Magnetic Ultra-thin Films B.T. Jonker et.al.
11 Physics of Magnetism S. Chikazumi
12 Ferromagnetism M. Bozorth
13 Advanced Magnetic Nanostructures D. Sellmyer and R. Skomsk


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